Window sills


Window sills for internal use, for the finishing touch to your new windows and for a nice view through the window.

The interior window sills Topalit, offered in the company AJM are pleasant to touch and look just beautiful with their subtly curved lines. The interior of the sills consists of crushed wood that is glued with synthetic resins and from the outside they are coated with plastic material, which gives them a discreet glossy appearance. They are resistant against rotting, moisture and are insensitive to impacts, scratches and abrasions.
Light weight and the feeling of warmth in the room are, along with another speciality, the front sill, which has two different dimensions, the central advantages of the windows sills Werzalit. A wide range of colour samples will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

The advantages and features of the interior window sills Topalit: 
• They are made of quality waterproof multi-layer material – a mixture of crushed wood, PVC-particles and synthetic resin
• The upper surface of the sill is coated with a mass made of artificial substances
• High resistance to mechanical damages
• Suitable for new constructions and renovations
• Maximal length 5.500 mm, sill 40 mm
• Widths from 50 up to 470 mm
• Thickness 18 mm,
• Coupling conjunctions
• Resistant against wear and tear
• Quick installation – with polyurethane foam
• Possible design with integrated ventilation grid, side lamination or with oblique cutting 
• 15-year warranty with professional installation according to the manufacturer instructions
• Easy maintenance

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