Window sills


This material is used for interior and exterior window sills. It is an artificial product, made of a mixture of marble and synthetic binding substances.

Window sills made of artificial stone are the perfect solution for outdoor and indoor spaces, so they are primarily recommended for those who want consistency on the inside and outside of the window. But they are also suitable for all those who prefer properties such as a high level of quality, a smooth and glossy surface and non-porosity of the window sill surface.

The window sills made of artificial stone are manufactured with a special technological process with the use of crystal stones that are bounded by a natural acrylic resin. These window sills are resistant to all weather conditions, UV rays, acids, leaches and salts. They don’t absorb liquids - water, mud, rust, etc.. Therefore there will be no problems with stains on these window sills.

Company AJM offers a large selection of different stones and pigments of these window sills in 14 colours of the Slovenian manufacturer Azur 7. You can choose between different treatments of edges and thicknesses of the sills (2 or 3 cm).

The advantages and features of the window sills made of artificial stone:
• Suitable for exterior and interior use
• 95% marble
• 5% polyester
• They don’t absorb liquids

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