Window sills


These window sills are suitable for interior and exterior spaces and are made of natural materials. They are the finishing touch to the interior and exterior appearance of your rooms.

The right choice of windows includes also the right choice of window sills. Round up the external appearance of your windows or the interior appearance of your rooms with proper window sills, so they will attract the views and will take the breath away.
Marbles are colourful stones that are formed deep in the earth by crystallization of stones at high temperatures. The structure of the material is softer, which is particularly sensitive to moisture, therefore marble is especially recommended for interior window sills, although there are also many designs suitable for exterior window sills.

Interior marble sills are recommended for all those who want to give their room individuality, because despite of treatment, the window sill keeps all the beauty of unique natural forms. The AJM marble window sills are therefore marked with natural look and elegancy, rounded lines with a touch of rusticalness.

The advantages and features of the marble window sills:
• Thickness 20 or 30 mm
• Maximal length up to 1.700 or 2.300 mm
• "Uniqueness" of the pattern 
• The sills can be manufactured according to common design with rounded edges, polished half-rounded or rounded edges and special slots

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