Window sills


Exterior window sills made of durable granite, resistant to external influences with an extraordinary lifespan.

The right choice of windows includes also the right choice of window sills. Round up the external appearance of your windows with proper window sills, which will attract the views and will take the breath away.

Because of their structure granite window sills are considered to be the most common and technically also the most important stone.

Because of its exceptional solidness, many people describe granite as "immortal" material. And quite rightly, as it is not only resistant to weather influences but can withstand the most severe mechanical loads. Therefore granite is an ideal solution for exterior window sills.

Those who want steadiness of their interior window sills should know that granite with its structural and colour diversity represents an appropriate and aesthetically very satisfactory solution in interior spaces.

The advantages and features of granite window sills: 
• Resistant to weather influences and therefore an excellent solution for exterior use
• Incredible stability and compactness
• Custom made sills

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