Window sills


Exterior window sills insensitive to environmental influences and with a long lifespan.

The right choice of windows includes also the right choice of window sills. Round up the external appearance of your windows with proper window sills, which will complement the appearance of your home.

The ALU-window sills are an ideal solution for outdoor use. They are made of extruded aluminium with a thickness of 1.25 mm. The upper window sill is either powder coated or eloxed, which makes the sills resistant against all weather conditions and ensures a long lifespan.

You can choose the exterior ALU-window sills in dark-brown, natural-eloxed or in white colour.

The advantages and features of the exterior ALU-window sills:
• Aluminium thickness 1,25 mm
• Upper surface is powder coated or eloxed
• Resistance to weather influences
• Maximum length 6000 mm,
• Width from 90 to 360 mm,
• Exterior sill 40 mm,
• Installation angle 5°,
• Possibility of various facade ending elements and coupling and corner conjunctions
• Easy and quick installation with screws

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