Window blinds


Classical, practical and affordable blind for darkening the interior spaces and making the home more attractive.

Interior venetian blinds are a classical and extremely practical blind. Venetian blinds are made from high quality aluminium slats that provide stability of the shape and of the colour. Mounted in the window frame they look discreetly and unobtrusively. By choosing the right colour they can give the room its focus.
Another special feature of the interior venetian blinds is a long lifespan. The installation is quick and easy. The control with the help of an endless string, which is at the same time used for the inclination regulation and to raise and lower the blinds is easy and comfortable.
The venetian blinds are constructed in such way that they are ready for different window shapes. They can be manufactured in various colour tones.
You can choose between venetian blinds with 16 and 25 mm slats or venetian blinds according to IZO design.
Venetian blinds according to IZO design are known as the latest installation design of interior blinds. Their advantage is a maximum aesthetically shaped cornice, which excellently coincides with modern designed window profiles. The slats are designed with no visible holes, where the cords are running, which ensures completely darkening.

The advantages and features of the interior venetian blinds:
• Width of the slats 16 or 25 mm
• You can choose blinds according to IZO design, without visible holes for complete darkening of the room
• A long lifespan
• Adjustable to different window shapes
• A wide range of colours
• Easy control

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