Window blinds


Excellent blinds for office buildings and other modern architectural buildings, including homes.

We recommend exterior venetian blinds for office buildings and buildings of modern architecture, such as the modern individual houses. Exterior venetian blinds enable a continuous regulation light flow, they protect the window from outside influences and prevent the heating of glass surfaces.
Exterior venetian blinds are also an extremely reliable solution. The profiles, slats and side guides are made of aluminium. The slats are reinforced and available in different colours and widths. You can choose between two widths, either 60 mm or 80 mm. The inclination of the slats is controlled on the inside of the window, where you can also pull them up and down.
The exterior venetian blinds are also distinguished by a high thermal insulation, as they provide up to 92% reflection of sunlight, which has a decisive effect on the extension of the lifespan and on the appearance of the windows.

The advantages and features of exterior venetian blinds: 
• Excellent external protection of the window
• Modern control system with mono-command or electrical-operation 
• High thermal insulation – 92 % reflection of sunlight
• You can choose between two slat widths – 60 mm or 80 mm
• Reinforced slats
• Wide colour assortment

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