Window blinds


Exterior roller blinds are mounted outside the window, depending on the installation options you can choose between built-in or built-on exterior roller blinds.

Roller blinds ensure full darkening of a room. In addition to that, roller blinds also assure additional sound and thermal insulation and protect the window against external influences. The exterior roller blind is deliverable as built-in or built-on exterior roller blind. 

To replace old roller blinds on existing windows or to install roller blinds on windows that have no blinds at all, we recommend using built-on exterior roller blinds. The case (box) is aesthetically designed so it does not disfigure the external appearance. In new buildings or anywhere where the facade can hide the case, we recommend using built-in exterior roller blinds.

These roller blinds allow the possibility for installation of insect protection elements.

The advantages and features of the exterior roller blind:
• Built-in or built-on installation
• ALU-slats filled with polyurethane foam 
• Two heights of the roller blind case
• Case and the guides in standard white or brown colour 
• Other colours of the case and the guides according to RAL colour code
• Control of roller blinds with strip, mono-command or electro engine drive


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