AJM ZERO SASH — A revolutionary window that opens up new dimensions

A levelled window innovation with glowing glass design matches with each high architecture and combines all the requirements of first-class appearance, long life span and quality. A narrow frame and an enlarged glass area ensure extremely bright rooms and a unique view.


We inform the worldwide public that we have successfully designed a window, which largely exceeds the current standards in the field of builders` joinery design.  It is a revolutionary new window that has a casement almost fully made of glass. The hook is placed through the glass and because of that the levelled and fully glass surface has a very luxurious and modern appearance. With its extremely innovative and revolutionary design this window opens up new dimensions in the field of builders` joinery and architecture designing.
This technologically advanced product is intended for more demanding customers, who want to equip their modern or classic architecture with top-quality materials and products. In addition to the exceptional design the window AJM ZERO SASH has several other advantages. In comparison with the state of the art windows with frame the glazed surface of this window is approx. 8 % larger. This window is also extremely energy efficient.  The construction of the window and the manufacturing technology enable the installation of multi-layer insulation glasses with U-value up to Ug=0,3W/m2K. The entire window with the frame can achieve a total thermal conductivity of Uw=0,55W/m2K, which significantly exceeds the requirements for the so called windows for passive houses.  The universal window casement AJM ZERO SASH can be made in combination with PVC-ALU or WOOD-ALU casement.
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