Insect screens

sliding insect screen

sliding insect screen
Movable protection against unwanted guests.

Do not allow to be disturbed in the shelter of your home by uninvited guests. Insects and bugs should stay outside of your windows and doors. The AJM insect screens ensure an effective and aesthetic solution.
The use of the sliding insect screen is extremely functional, practical and effective. In particular, it proves as very effective for sliding windows and doors and in cases where we want protection against insects only on one half of the window or door. It consists of a sliding mesh that can be free moved along the element.

The advantages and features of the sliding insect screen:
• The mesh is installed only on one half of the element, so one part opens into another
• Guides at the bottom and at the top; the screen slides on them with little PVC-wheels
• Optimal sealing at the window or door frame
• The net is attached between the guides with pins; easy assembling/disassembling
• Easy use from the inside or outside
• The screen can be operated even when the roller blinds are down
• Colours: white, brown (basic colour), colours according to RAL colour code (on request)
• Suitable for sliding walls, or when we want to install the net only on one half of the window or door 
• Structure: basic frame with net, guides at the bottom and the top, that are mounted on the frame of the window or door, so the net slides between the guides next to the frame; this gives a 100 % protection against mosquitoes and other insects
• On larger surfaces the net is divided with a crossbar