Insect screens

roller insect screen

roller insect screen
An efficient protection, which functions similar as a roller blind.

Do not allow to be disturbed in the shelter of your home by uninvited guests. Insects and bugs should stay outside of your windows and doors. The AJM insect screens ensure an effective and aesthetic solution.
The use of the roller insect screen is simple and its function is very effective. They are especially recommended for single-casement windows. This insect screen works on a practical principle, as we know it with shutters. When you do not need it, it is hidden in a box. In combination with roller blinds or shutters you will achieve not only efficient room shading and protection of the windows, but also a functional protection against unwanted bugs and insects.

The advantages and features of the roller insect screen:
• Suitable for single-casement windows
• Similar system as with roller blinds with a neat case and guides
• It is hidden in the case when we do not need it
• Colours: white, brown (basic colour); colours according to RAL colour code (on request)
• Half-rounded case 50 x 50 mm with side guides
• The roller insect screen is fastened at the bottom of the window; a spring enables that the screen roles back into the case when we lift it
• The insect screen is pulled down with a string
• The net is compact, resistant to UV-rays and enables in addition to protection against insects also partial shading