Insect screens

insect sreen with swivel frame (klipsonet)

insect sreen with swivel frame (klipsonet)
Functional insect screens with special frame on hinges.

Do not allow to be disturbed in the shelter of your home by uninvited guests. Insects and bugs should stay outside of your windows and doors. The AJM insect screens ensure an effective and aesthetic solution.
The insect screen with swivel frame has a special frame on hinges, which can be opened rotary outward or inward. It functions just like doors, which means that its basic frame is fixed screwed onto the door frame. The wing opens in outward direction. Its functionality comes mostly to expression with balcony doors and other types of doors.

The advantages and features of the insect screens with swivel frame:
• An insect screen with a special swivel frame on hinges, that can be opened outward
• A perfect solution for balcony doors
• Suitable for one-casement and two-casement balcony doors
• Easy use and a high efficiency level
• The wing is attached on hinges and can be opened outward
• Colours: white and brown (basic colour) and colours according to RAL colour code (on request)
• Protective cover for prevention of kicks and damages on the net
• When the wing is closed it is fixed to the frame with a magnetic strip