Insect screens

horizontal insect screen

horizontal insect screen
An insect screen for larger opened surfaces, easy to use.

Do not allow to be disturbed in the shelter of your home by uninvited guests. Insects and bugs should stay outside of your windows and doors. The AJM insect screens ensure an effective and aesthetic solution.
The horizontal insect screen functions just the same as the roller insect screen, the only difference is that the case is on the side and the guides are at the top and the bottom. The convenient handling is exactly the same as with the roller insect screen. Safe closing is ensured by a magnetic strip. It is suitable for larger elements, such as balcony and sliding doors. For these elements this is an effective and aesthetic solution, because the net of the horizontal insect screen is hidden in a small and discreet case, when the insect screen is not in use (closed).

The advantages and features of the horizontal insect screen:
• Can be installed as single (one-part) insect screen; for larger elements as double-horizontal insect screen
• One-part horizontal insect screen up to 1400 mm width
• Two-part horizontal insect screen up to 2800 mm width
• Suitable for a height up to 2500 mm
• Mounted into the side frame, pull from the side, reinforced guide at the bottom
• Closing with a magnetic strip
• The net of the insect screen is hidden into a small and discreet case, when the screen is not in use 
• Aesthetically shaped hardware made of PVC, aluminium or stainless steel 
• Easy to use