Insect screens

fixed insect screen

fixed insect screen
A practical insect screen for easy installation, which protects and complements the aesthetical appearance of the window.

Do not allow to be disturbed in the shelter of your home by uninvited guests. Insects and bugs should stay outside of your windows and doors. The AJM insect screens ensure an effective and aesthetic solution.
Life with a fixed insect screen on windows is much more pleasant. This insect screen is fixed attached to the window frame, but it is also removable. Its installation can be made at any time on the already built-in window. Besides the excellent protection the fixed insect screen with its narrow edge perfectly complements the aesthetic appearance of the window.
The insect screen is mounted quickly and easily and can be used from early spring to late autumn. You can easily remove it before winter time from the inside and store it until next year.

The advantages and features of the fixed insect screen:
• Easy use
• A narrow frame edge
• Colours: white, brown, green
• The installation of the fixed insect screen does not depend on the window installation
• Installation on the outside of the window frame with the help of four PVC-pins