PVC entrance doors AJM 7000

PVC entrance doors AJM 7000
Doors with a PVC profile with five air chambers for good insulation, fully manufactured in company AJM, suitable as exterior as well as interior doors.

All doors from the system AJM 7000 consist of a door frame and a massive door casement. Inside the door frame and the door casement the doors are additionally reinforced with a metal profile, while in the door casement there is a special angular welded PVC-stabilizer.

The doors are on one side equipped with a three-point massive latch, a robust lock and a security shield, on the other side they are embedded with three massive hinges.

The special security of the doors completes a safety cylindrical insert with three keys and an identification card, based on which you can order additional keys only in the company AJM.

The fields (areas) of the door casement can be (within the technical capabilities) optionally divided into several smaller parts vertically, horizontally or obliquely and can be than perfected with glass or an insulation filling.

The advantages and features of the doors AJM 7000:
• several models of fillings (Choose the model number from the catalogues)
• Several different combinations of shapes
• 5-chamber system with metal reinforcements in the core
• Stability
• Custom made products
• Wide variety of glasses, handles and other accessories
• Quality hardware
• High safety level
• A number of combinations of light overhead and side elements

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