The original building during renovation works
The business-manufacturing building in 1993
Completion of construction works in 1997
Expansion and completion of construction works in 2004
The Company today

The history of AJM, d.o.o. began in 1990 when Janez Ajlec listened to his business intuition and, together with his wife Marija, took on a special challenge, namely the production and sale of PVC windows. Encouraged by their experience of working abroad and, above all, by their faith in success, they decided to terminate their business in the catering industry and enter, along with ten employees, an entirely new business field, thus becoming the first to begin producing PVC windows in what was then Yugoslavia. 
1990: Janez Ajlec bought an old building in Kungota near Maribor and changed it into a production facility suitable for PVC window production. The company employed eight people.
In the following years, the company listed one success after another. Demand and sales figures grew along with the requirements for expanding the sales and production facilities. 

 Podjetje je v naslednjih letih beležilo uspeh za uspehom. Povpraševanje in prodaja sta naraščala, potreba po povečanju prodajnih in proizvodnih površin je bila vse večja. 
1993: Growth of the company assets resulted in an extra 1,250 m2 of space. What is more, an additional production hall was built and the area where sales and accounting activities were conducted was separated off. The warehousing surfaces were also expanded. At this point, the company had 18 employees.  
1997: The company recorded a ten-fold growth in equity and the number of employees as early as the year before, leading to another extension of the production facilities, this time by approximately 2,600 m2. The number of employees rose to 83.

During this period, the quality of the company’s products became well known in the wider area. This was confirmed by the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the Quality Label for builders' joinery installation
2004: The company had to expand its business premises for the third time, this time by approximately 1,950 m2. At this time, the management also acquired a new corporate building featuring a glass façade. The company employed as many as 240 people, thus losing their small business status and gaining the status of a mid-sized company. During this year, we renewed our ISO 9001 Certificate and the Certificate of Conformity with the EC European Certificate. The company also won the titles “Director of the Year” and “Company of the Year in the Category of Small and Mid-sized Companies”, awarded by the magazine Mariborčan. 
2007: The company continued to develop, grow and update its production line. This was also the year in which we were awarded the Family-Friendly Company Certificate.
2010: We marked the company's twentieth anniversary in September and celebrated it together with our employees, business partners and friends of the company.